FB9 – SABS Location of bomb blanket safety sign

R8.31R18.57 Vat Incl.

Location of bomb blanket safety sign (FB9) – SABS approved as per safety regulations.



SABS Approved FB9 – Location of bomb blanket safety sign is used to indicate where the bomb blanket is located in the event of an emergency. This bomb blanket is used to suppress and contain the blast and fragmentation from an Improvised Explosive Device. This sign should always be used in conjunction with the FB1 – Location of fire fighting equipment (red arrow) safety sign or FB15 – Diagonal arrow down safety sign to indicate the direction of the bomb blanket.

The Symbol for this sign is always a red bomb blanket on a white background.

This Sign is SABS Approved and is made according to SANS 1186 specified requirements for standard ordinary symbolic Safety Signs.
This sign comes in 2 sizes: 190x190mm and 290x290mm and are made on a 0.9mm ABS plastic.

This Sign forms part of the SABS Approved FB range of Signs.

For more information on SABS and SANS Standards

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